5 STAR PMA works with the best caterers whether in the comfort of your home, office or in a ballroom.
5 STAR PMA will delight your guests and give them a memorable experience!

Book 0ur professional team, our servers, waiters, hostesses or a sommelier, 5 STAR PMA service ensures a high quality service that will make your event a success.

You want Tapas, tasting menu, coffee bar, decadent dessert table, elegant appetizers, cocktail party, themed menu, or barbecue, we can organize these services in collaboration with a wide range of caterers.

Plan a reception with us in person or by telephone, to determine the theme, menu, budget and service staff needed for your event. Dietary restrictions or allergies are an important concern for us and we strive to fulfill all requests.

When working with 5 STAR PMA you access to a wide variety of menus to suit all tastes, simple or refined! In addition, our strong working relationships with several reception rooms deemed, I We also offer the service of designers who will find the right theme for your event.